Porsche Slave Cylinder

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Clutch slave cylinder for all air-cooled Porsche 911 Carrera from 1986 and all Carrera 2 and Carrera 4 models of types 964 and 993. With our clutch slave cylinder for the Porsche 911, the foot force used when clutching is reduced by approx. 30%.
This significantly increases driving comfort, as engaging the clutch is noticeably more comfortable.

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The clutch slave cylinder is a hydraulic component, consisting of a cylinder with piston and a movable piston rod. This actuates a mounted arm on the vehicle side, which disconnects or closes the clutch. Since the piston rod does not press centrally on the piston, lateral forces arise in the series cylinder and thus friction between the piston and cylinder. The advantage of the MPL clutch slave cylinder is that these side forces are absorbed by 2 graphite Teflon rings that are guided in grooves in the piston, which means that there is only minimal friction. This structure made it possible to manufacture the housing from weather-resistant aluminum, which also protects against wear thanks to the fine machining of the cylinder and the electrochemical surface treatment. In order to make the actuation even easier and the engagement of the clutch even smoother, the piston surface was slightly enlarged.


The slave cylinder is supplied without the bellows and spring, these must be taken from the original.


Assembly instructions are included in the delivery.

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    Klasse Produkt, hält was es verspricht und sehr angenehmer Kontakt. Verringert die Fußkraft spürbar. Gerne wieder!

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